Got some brand spankin new headshots for pilot season, courtesy of Jeffrey Mosier Photography. Enjoy!



Proud to say I’m officially SIGNED with Alison Caiola Management for film, television, and theatre!



a Guest-Starring role on Discovery ID's wildly popular true crime TV show, Grave Mysteries.


190 Lorimer
, the multi award winning comedy web-series just released the episode that I starred in. If you have a minute check it out! It's about Tinder hook up culture and the cutthroat world of Brooklyn real estate. I'm also in my underwear, obviously hilarious.


Had a once in a life time experience starring as the inhouse entertainment for the only Tim Burton themed bar around, Beetlehouse NYC.

Playing Beetlejuice AND Edward Scissorhands for the last year and a half was a trip.  I've made so many new amazing friends and built new exciting relationships, and I'm truly proud of the life I breathed into every detail, nuance, and molecule of Mr. Burton's/Keaton's/Depp's creations (I even did all my own makeup and costumesπŸ‘€)  But as the saying goes, "all good things..." 

Onward and upward πŸ•·βœ‚β€


β€œNo second chances in the land of a thousand dances, the valley of ten million insanities.” 
- Ry Cooder

"We are all citizens of Los Angeles because we have seen so many movies." - D.J. Waldie

Some much needed r & r and career building in the city of angels...




Don't be a dirty dog!  Check out this quick commercial I filmed with Olika Hand Sanitizer πŸΆπŸ’©


WRAPPED on the short drama Dragon, directed by Freyja Golbach.  It's the story of a woman who after learning her baby sister has died from an overdose, she decides to see what she's missed out on since estranging herself from her family.  She forges on a path of forgiveness and discovery while amending a fractured relationship with her brother Max, played by yours truly.



WRAPPED on the indie sci-fi/psychological drama Capio, produced by Kostic Films LLC!  it's about an amateur astronomer discovering a strange new star in the sky that leads him into the heart of a dark conspiracy to control humanity by exploiting its addiction to technology. 

It was out of this world πŸ‘½


WRAPPED as the lead as the douchey boyfriend in the newest music video by singer-songwriter Gia Farrell. I get killed naked in plastic a la Dexter.  It was killer. πŸ”ͺπŸ’€



WELCOME TO THE NEW SITE!!!  Take a look around, save it, fave it, share it, wear it, and lemme know what you think πŸ‘€πŸ‘€πŸ‘€


BOOKED the (dream) role of Beetlejuice at the new Tim Burton themed bar/restaurant, Beetlehouse NYC.  Located on E6th and 2nd Ave...come on down and chew on a dog πŸ˜ˆπŸ•·β€ͺπŸŽƒ


Extra special thanks to master photog Dave Thomas Brown for taking my new headshots and making me look severely decent.  Check em out in the PICS section.


Had a swell time filming a commercial film for Orange County NY Film Office through Stage 6 Media. We got to roadtrip in a little clown car through the majestic lands of Orange County, NY.

Check it out HERE if you got a minute or six.


Honored to be invited to participate in a playreading at world renouned Actor's Studio for John Krisiukenas's "Ghost Wife Radio". Almost died of a nerdgasm to get to share the same stage once graced by Brando‬, Dean‬, and β€ͺβ€ŽPacino.


Proud to announce that lil ol me is now represented by Abrams Artists Agency for print! πŸ‘





BOOKED the title role in Stage 6 Media's promotional film "The Location Scout" for the Orange County Film Office.


WRAPPED a leading role in the new comedic fantasy webseries "YinYang" by Amber Marie Figueroa! it's about a young girl dealing with her selfish friends and family while in the middle of a war between angels and demons.

I play Galm - the witty, sarcastic, impulsive, crazy friend without a care in the world.  He's also GOD.  Cream of the crop,  father of all creation, alpha n omega, etc.



I recently went skydiving AND rode a motorcycle just for this commercial for Creston Electronics costarring Adonis actor Andy Peeke and the gorgeous Alexis Burns.


Just did a kickass interview with

We dish about childhood, studying theatre at Suffolk County Community College, my new movie DIME CRIMES #34, acting methods, sexual fetishes, etc etc...


"DIME CRIMES #34" (starring yours truly) has been blazing through the review circuit...CHECK IT:

"Dalton absolutely steals the show as Bug, bringing the whole James Dean-inspired look to life in a fantastically entertaining way, made whole with the self-assured demeanor and darkly witty wordplay that truly hides a more devious nature and intention."

"Dalton steals the show as Bug, and he comes off as one cool cat, emulating James Dean at every turn and doing it well."

"In particular, the interplay between Mundy and Dalton develops a level of tension that drew me into the short completely."

"Jimmy Dalton is appropriately mysterious with an undeniable hint of menace that radiates through every word he speaks and every move he makes...It's an effective performance full of seductive tension."   


Do you like your fiction extra pulpy and dangerous? then check out "DIME CRIMES #34" (formally "Rebel, Rebel"), available to watch now! 

Thanks again to writer JM Wagner, director Ed Hellman, and Tony Award winning executive producer John Benjamin Hickey for inviting me along on the journey.

Written by JM Wagner, directed by Ed Hellman, and Tony Award Winning actor John Benjamin Hickey serving as Executive Producer...Dime Crimes #34 is the story of Doll, a homebody with a stash of pulp fiction who is thrown into the world of her favorite stories when she sees a gun hidden in the waistband of her charming new tenant, Bug (that's me).

Please LIKE the Facebook page HERE so you can stay tuned for clips and goodies and info on the premiere.