Armed since his latchkey only-childhood with a hyper overactive imagination, a knack for improvisation and impersonation, and (much to his teachers’ vexation) a nonstop impulse to act out at the worst moments…young Jimmy Dalton clawed out under the dredges of suburban Long Island New York fueled by the tales and adventures imprinted on him through glorious glowing prime-time and 35mm.

After honing his skills at Suffolk County College's (part of SUNY) esteemed theatre program and participating in a number of productions (and nominated to compete in the nationwide Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival), Jimmy moved to New York City and wasted no time booking auditions and starring in numerous indie films and web series as well as theatre roles ranging from original Off-Broadway pieces to Shakespeare.  

Charming, quirky, and versatile as heck, Jimmy especially shines playing the lovable underdog, the brooding troubled everyman, the dangerously volatile miscreant, and anyone in between.

When he is not acting, he likes to take time out to enjoy his other passions such as fire spinning, playing the drums, binge-watching Netflix, and shaming his roommate's cat.